The Science

Kase Farma has aligned itself with superior, highly regarded hemp growers in North America, that provide Kase with high performance, IPGrowgenetic specific products for our custom designed cannabinoid formulations.

The hemp we utilize is grown using broad acre farming techniques that have been proven over many years on large scale farms for IPGrow quality food products such as wheat, canola and peas. This ensures the product is grown in an environmentally friendly manner, has complete chain of custody while at the same time providing a product that can be sold at the lowest possible cost.

The identity preserved biomass is 3rd party tested for safety and quality. Kase Farma boasts the highest quality standards and have selected IPGrow partners in California's central valley; the world's most prolific provider of agricultural fruits, nuts and vegetables. California is the largest agricultural producer in the USA and the largest producer of many crops in the world having favourable weather due to protective jet streams, limited range during the growing season, low humidity and access to irrigation water. California is first to the finish line for quality IPGrow™ agricultural products.

Farm locations:

California Hemp – Stanislaus County, Merced County and Fresno County (Central Valley)

Canadian Hemp – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada